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Suggested Edit queue says 0, but I have pending reviews?

The suggested edit fools me, suggests to me this could be caching. However, the review I have submitted is at least a day old. Is the caching weekly?
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Tag wiki privilege

I was informed that I have gained the tag wiki edit privilege. My assumption was that it works similar to the question and answer edit privilege, i.e. it does not require peer review any more and I ...
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Proposed edit by other user - reject or approve?

There is a (good) pending edit to this question but I have not approved because the editor and the OP look like different users. They currently have 1010 and 1 rep respectively, so it could be that ...
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Where did the question edits go?

I am sure I edited this question earlier today. I asked the OP for clarification (Do you mean 'hibernation'?) and edited his response into the title, among other things. But I see no rollbacks, no ...
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Withdraw suggested edit

Is it possible to withdraw a suggested edit? How? Background: I was looking for a requirements management tool with my private account (for my hobby projects) and now I'm looking for the same thing ...
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6 votes
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Approve edits to old questions where the edit only incorporates comments?

A specific user (I'll ping him so that he sees this question) is editing a lot of questions, only inserting comment replies (from the OP) into the question. This makes the questions more complete, but ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can we have a way of awarding points for a good/great edit

Currently I cannot see a way for the original poster of a Question or Answer to award points for the user that performs a very good/great edit. Users can get points for contributing via comments but ...
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3 answers

Tagging of closed questions

Is it best to remove tags of closed questions? Or is it best to update their tags to keep them current, just like any other question?
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5 votes
2 answers

Dealing with obvious tags

In the past few days, the review queue had a load of edits where "obvious" tags where being added. I have my doubts of whether those are really useful – though I see the point of the resp. editors. ...
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Case Correction when editing questions

Really, what's the point? It seems a little heavy-handed and discouraging to new users, and doesn't add / change anything for search engine results of the question. Non-native English speakers, ...
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3 answers

Edit question to fit the answer

I'm wondering if it is ever a good idea to edit the question to better fit the answer. Before you reply "Absolutely Not," here is the question I am talking about: Email client that supports Markdown ...
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Should we add a second answer with the same recommendation if the first answer is very low quality?

I have just seen this answer Password manager for Linux with just working in-browser autotype Using the tool myself I'm sure I could write a better answer (more detailed, with screenshot...). So ...
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