Currently I cannot see a way for the original poster of a Question or Answer to award points for the user that performs a very good/great edit. Users can get points for contributing via comments but not via edits.

As an example one of my answers, here, had a point where I specifically admitted that I did not have & could not find the information - another user as it happens one with a low reputation suggested an edit which was approved by reviewers that removed my admission of ignorance and provided the information and link.

I personally think that such behaviour should be rewarded in reputation through some mechanism - possibly the reviewers and the poster of the edit flagging it as a high quality rather than just acceptable edit that significantly enhances the question or answer.

Does anybody agree with me?


This question was first moved to the main meta and then closed there as a duplicate of Let me reward a good edit on my question/answer.


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I do agree with you

I think users should be able to award points to edits that are above and beyond other edits that are just grammar, spelling, and/or formatting improvements. I believe having a feature such as this will create an environment where users will be more likely to contribute quality information that can improve a post.

I think this question; though, should be asked on StackExchange Meta as a .


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