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Let's lay out our options and design a better future for [layout-designer]

layout-designer seems to be used by askers to refer to very different things: Software to help a restaurant/apartment/etc manager decide how to place tables/chairs/etc Any kind of GUI design tool ...
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Is [gui] a useful tag?

The tag gui is described as Use this tag for questions seeking recommendations which have a graphical user interface. Given the 9600 total questions on SR, only 134 are tagged with it. My ...
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9 votes
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How to handle OS tags

We have OS tags that are version agnostic, such as windows and osx. We also have tags that are version specific, such as windows-7 and windows-10. Our policy has been to use the version agnostic ...
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Tagging of closed questions

Is it best to remove tags of closed questions? Or is it best to update their tags to keep them current, just like any other question?
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Tag-Merge: localization → translation – or re-tagging and making the differences clear?

Just stumbled upon the localization. The two questions using this exactly match what the tag-wiki excerpt describes for translation. Guess we have a little trouble here. While usually I would suggest ...
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