Six years ago I asked a question for recommendations for Firefox extensions: Firefox extension to copy the title and URL of the page to the clipboard. Since then, Firefox completely changed the way that extensions work. Most answers recommend extensions that are:

  1. No longer available (the pages on the Firefox site for them are 404 Not Found.)
  2. Don't work with Firefox anymore even if you found an alternate source to download.

I recently received an up-to-date answer to the question that brought this to my attention and I updated my own answer. However all the other answers are completely out of date and no longer useful. Anybody that finds this question has to scroll past pages of highly-voted out-of-date answers to get to something that works.

How should this situation be handled? I can imagine several possible solutions:

  1. Comment on each out-of-date answer and hope the author comes back to update it.
  2. Edit each out-of-date answer to remove the broken link and put a notice at the top of the answer that it is no longer any good.
  3. Flag each out-of-date answer so that a moderator can remove it
  • This is a superb question. Personally, I need to spend more time thinking about it before arriving at an opinion. Another aspect of this issue is what to do when the Accepted Answer is no longer valid. I am looking forward to reading posts from our community regarding these issues. Jun 30, 2020 at 8:31


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