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I am a 29 year old self-taught theorist who began in theoretical linguistics and has slowly moved into mathematical logic. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am currently seeking work as a software engineer.

In my free time I swim, attend a Zen center, and enjoy clubbing and meeting new people in Stockholm’s nightlife.

I have a long history of depression and other psychiatric conditions, and it is my desire to see significant improvement in treatment avenues for mental health issues in my lifetime.

Reach out to me:

[email protected]

Best regards.

I am putting an experimental notice here to be developed in time:

Anyone is free to use any writings which I have created or partially contributed to (that is, at least the portion which I can be said to have contributed) without any personal acknowledgment of me as its possible origin, except if my writings are intended to be resold as some sort of knowledge product. In that case, I ask that you communicate with me and inform me that you intend to use, currently are using, or already have used some of my writings to sell their informational content in exchange for money. Thank you.

I generally tend to have way too many thoughts and simultaneous questions that I can barely contain. I am going to try breaking apart the many sub-topics and sub-questions in my thinking into sort of a knowledge-base/wiki-style blog. Eventually I want to enable the feature that users can highlight and comment on the writings, since I have always benefited so enormously from feedback and discussion.

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