Could we add an electron or maybe installable web apps tag or something?

I would like to add there are NW.js and electron and Brackets-shell but frankly Electron IMO is by far the most popular.

It would help searching because electron apps tend to be cross platform more so then say a C# app.

Wiki stolen formerly from Stack Overflow.

Electron (formerly Atom Shell) is a framework created by GitHub that lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Electron is based upon Node.js and Chromium.

  1. Has anybody made an Electron app that runs the Windows "cmd.exe" shell/terminal?
  2. JSON Feed Reader for Windows or Self-Hosted
  3. CAD editor library for Javascript
  4. Can you convert html, css and javascript into a exe?
  5. PNG viewer that displays alpha channel as transparent
  • Could you please include in your question: 1) The tag wiki to be used 2) The list of all questions on the site that should be tagged with it (or just five if there are too many). Thanks!
    – Nicolas Raoul Mod
    Aug 16, 2018 at 3:43
  • @NicolasRaoul I just copied the StackOverflow tag for now. Linked 5 questions.
    – William
    Aug 19, 2018 at 19:13

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I created the electron tag.

Out of the 5 questions you linked to, 2 were links to answers that use electron. I did not apply the tag to them, since tags are for questions (you would not see a question asking "Command-line text editor for UNIX" and tag it "emacs" just because emacs is a possible answer).

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