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Hi, I'm lyxal. You probably already knew that. Here's some things you probably didn't already know (if you haven't read this paragraph before or been around me in SE chat):

Vyxal is an stack-based esoteric array language that is dedicated to dominating competition in code golf challenges. This means that it strips away all need for boilerplate, long function names and impractical source layouts. However, it also has a more traditional and familiar way of expressing itself if needed.

  • I'm currently in my 4th year of doing a Software Engineering degree, so that's something I'm doing with my life that isn't StackExchange.

  • One might say that I am somewhat of a memes enthusiast. That one would be correct, because I have that skibidi ohio rizz that all the fanum taxers mew about. Enjoy your lost brain cells.

  • I have a hobby of making AIs play chess when they really aren't designed to do so. Like that StackOverflow question formatting assistant thing. And v0 from Vercel. If you know of any other AIs that are jailbreakable and aren't designed to play chess (e.g. Fiverr neo - looking forward to getting my hands on that one), ping me in The Edge of Propinquity.

  • My profile picture is generated using a wide mix of genai image tools including Wumbo Dream, Let's Enhance, and probably some other tools.

  • Grammarly gave this bio a 🤓 emoji for tone. I don't know whether to be offended or to say to it "uhm ackshully you're the nerd".

In summary, would you rather have unlimited bacon, but no more games, or games, unlimited games, and no games.

Places you can find me that aren't StackExchange

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