Retired amid the foothills of Maine and enjoying life as it comes. I'm fairly well known in a variety of communities, mostly those with a technical bent, and try to ask decent questions though I'm a bit verbose for that. I also, if I can, answer those questions that I can.

I often try to learn, to grow, and to then spread that information around. I have no wisdom to share but I do have experiences that have given me some knowledge.

I started, way back in the day, with a number of Unix systems and a few that relied on BASIC. Some of my more joyful times were spent connecting to BBS systems of yore and actually participating in the forums therein.

As time moved on, I spent my time on Unix and then moved to Windows. After Linux started gaining some momentum I tried and used a variety of flavors for a while but none really suited my needs or the needs of my company. So, I used Windows at home and continued with Unix in the workplace.

My business was traffic modeling (vehicular and then, also, pedestrian) and I was offered a fair sum which I took and retired. The parent company has done well with it and I'm impressed to see it is still alive and well. There's a small chance that some folks here will be familiar with it.

Today, I while away my time reading and commenting on a variety of sites. The ubiquity of connectivity has meant that I can be 'online' from pretty much anywhere on the planet and I tend to take advantage of this. Having an RV and a penchant for travels (I must satisfy my wanderlust) means I can have a different view out of my window and experience new things often.

I must, also, admit that I tend to flit between distributions with an alarming frequency. There are many times where I have no desire to even boot to an OS installed on the machine but, rather, simply use a Live disk (DVD/CD/Flash) and go from there. What is, after all, the point of RAM if not to use it?

As I prefer speed and utilitarian functions ahead of aesthetics, my current choice is usually Lubuntu. I have grown fond of the various Ubuntu derivatives and, at the moment, this seems to be my favorite flavor.

I am not, by any means, a Linux zealot. I do not insist on free and open software but, rather, I use what works for me and what does the job well enough for me to accomplish my goals. I have no dislike for Microsoft (or Apple) and I don't strive to advocate Linux - though I do recommend it when people ask and when they are seeking alternatives.

So, there's a little about me. I've had some good fortune in this life and make it a point to share what I can with other people. My gratitude is best expressed by my willingness, and ability, to pay it forward.

I have a small web hosting business. It's inexpensive, but if you can't afford it (and have an interesting FOSS project) let me know and we'll work something out.

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