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World Book Encyclopedia Lover I'm one of those people that as a kid, used to love encyclopedias. Not the Britannica without pictures but the World Book with at least 1 small picture on each page. I'd read that encyclopedia over and over again. I loved the knowledge. I actually met a lot of people like me but children today for some reason, don't do this anymore. I don't really know why and it's sad the practice has disappeared in children.

Anyway, I like to learn stuff from many different disciplines.

Looking for People to Discuss Fundamental Computers Right now, I'm really into learning about how computers function at a fundamental level. I don't mean programming, security, etc. I mean more simple than that such as what is a computer and what do we use it for. I can't seem to find anyone who is discussing this but. If you spot anyone, please let me know. I'll be in your debt.

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