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This is my alter-ego for fun and relaxation. By day I empower companies and leaders as The Instant COO. By night I revert to my techie roots and code things when people shine desperate beacons into the sky.

Platforms and Skills: LAMP, C++, ASM, Scrum, other agile methodologies. No language, platform, or technology has ever daunted me.

Roles: COO, CEO, President, CTO, Director of Development, Product Manager, Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Development Manager, Team Leader, Programmer, CEO, President, COO.

Things I'm Proud of: Co-fluent in business, dev, and science. Started coding at age 16 before PCs. "The person most responsible for the way WordPerfect 5.0 turned out." Created one of the first agile, continuous deployment systems at WordPerfect in 1987. Award for Resolute Service, WordPerfect. Visionary and lead creator of Spontaneous Assembly development library. Visionary and co-creator of deep-delegation social productivity. Co-creator of Total, Relaxed Organization and the TRO Online Training system. Author of NEVERBOSS. Hands-Off Leadership advocate. BS Physics summa cum laude.

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