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By day: Coding.

By night: Sleeping (possibly).

For Fun: Coding some (maybe new) language, sailing, playing sports, travelling, always looking for something new.

I'm an Italian developer, VIM lover.

I answer questions mainly for points but also 'cause I like it.

Some people do crosswords, I like to solve problems instead. Many times I do not even know how to solve the issue in your question, but I study in order to figure it out.

You may find me in some slack community workspaces or on IRC chats lurking to learn what I still don't know or trying to use some bleeding edge technology.

What I hate the most? If I helped you and you don't bother even to upvote my answer. But hey! No hard feelings bro, just a "doh" >.<

During my career I've used a plethora of framework, systems and languages. C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Oracle (PL/SQL), MS SQL Server (Transact/SQL).

In the last few years I'm working only on mobile applications (Android and iOS) and I tried Flutter.

I've also experience in IT field so also Servers, Networking and Systems tuning/configuration is no stranger to me.

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