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I’m a senior software architect who has spent the last 27 years building rock solid software on the Windows platform for various companies. Because I love working with technology and with the advent of cross-platform .NET Core I’ve recently switched to Mac and to using VS Code and React Native to target mobile and cloud platforms.

I believe in logging and designing for malfunctions and failure before actually writing a single line of functional code, and have been a long-time advocate of this approach.

I’m excited by the prospect of working with new cloud platforms and look forward to meeting and overcoming the challenges.

My main interests right now are Cross Platform C++ Code and Node.js Integration, Djinni, Typescript, ReactXP, Claudia.js, GraphQL and Serverless on AWS & Azure.

Thanks to all of my main mentors : Matt Pietrek, Don Box, Jeffrey Richter, The Gu, Mark Russinovich and Romain Aragon for inspiring me and helping me to be the professional I have become.

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