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Are hosting recommendation requests on-topic?
5 votes

No To summarize what everyone else has been saying, web hosting is a service, not a form of software. This does not necessarily mean that all services are off topic though. As Franck Dernoncourt ...

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Should this answer stick around and be considered as an answer? As per the sites ground rules?
4 votes

Incorrect answers are not subject to deletion. If you feel the answer isn't a proper fit to the question, the correct course of action is to downvote and move on. This is exactly what the voting ...

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Can we recommend software in comments when our personal knowledge experience isn't enough for a great answer?
2 votes

I'd say no. You really shouldn't be posting answers in the comments to begin with as comments are meant, at most, to be a temporary means of communication. Comments are not meant to be permanent. ...

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