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Using the word best adds any kind of subjectivity?
-4 votes

Most of people are saying that asking for the best software is subjective. I see two issues in this reasoning: best doesn't mean singular. You can ask for the best 100 XXX of everything it's not ...

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How are we going to moderate answers?
-7 votes

I think it will not be easy. While having discussion with some of you here, one week ago, some interesting topic were faced. For sure this website needs rules for the purpose of avoiding to become ...

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Is "tool X versus tool Y" an on-topic question?
-8 votes

There is a very strong difference between deciding that this kind of answer could be better formulate and pretending we can close this kind of answers. I vote for the first one. Stop intimidating ...

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You're doing it all wrong!
-14 votes

Yes, we are doing it completely wrong. When this beta will become public and meta will start closing question because they are too broad, too opinionable or too.. users will think: "this meta are ...

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