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Closing with 3 votes: Do we want that experiment?

Given the size of our review queues, this is a good idea. Yes, let's ask for the same experiment on Software Recommendations SE. If lowering the threshold to 3 is not sufficient, we can then ...
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3 votes

Would single-vote closure be helpful here?

This would be very welcome here! There are always a hundred questions in review, and the volume of incoming off-topic questions is such that our community is not able to reduce the backlog despite ...
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3 votes

How are questions effectively reopened on SR?

Having participated as a 3000+ user, Yes. I have participated in quite a few reopen and close voting polls and it seems even after the final graduation of the site, the community (with help of our ...
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2 votes

Closing with 3 votes: Do we want that experiment?

Some of you may have noticed the Meta Stack Exchange post - Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites (it's linked in the featured on meta sidebar) - we've finally got this project under ...
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