Yes, that's a good idea. We currently have this text about how to ask a software recommentation question (plus some bits about answers): Please read our question quality guidelines before posting. Good software recommendation requests have two components: A purpose — a task to accomplish, a user story Some objective requirements — a minimum set of features ...


/about /tour (the two point to the same thing) is kind of the new /faq#on-topic, it's a lot more discoverable than /help/on-topic. Nevertheless you're right, we should update that. I've added content similar to our /about. Feedback welcome.


I think the way the "Ask about" section is formulated isn't quite correct. The first bullet-point is about when to ask a question, and the second is about how to ask it Ask about You should ask a question when you have a purpose in mind, something you're willing to accomplish in a specific way. Be sure to remember to: list specific ...


Can the About please include whether web apps are OK to ask for, or whether this site is limited to desktop (or mobile?) software? I had my hand slapped by @jonsca for posting a web app question on webapps.SE, and I find it difficult to determine what the scope of SR.SE is, starting from its About page.


If that were possible (reading the comments), then Yes. This, however, may be not possible as looking at some of the other StackExchange sites, each Help Center is exactly the same. This may be something where if content is to be added to the Help Center, it has to pass through Stack Exchange's Meta. If it is possible, I agree that this would be a great ...


Good idea, I would say :-) It makes these very important points more visible.


I'm told this is possible. We just need to come up with exactly what we want changed. I propose adding this line to the top of the page, just under the "How do I ask a good question" heading: This site enforces stricter quality requirements than most. Please see What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? for details on ...

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