This was completely my fault, I should have seen that. A community manager has unmerged it. Thanks for reporting it! And I'll be a whole lot more careful in the future. Much like Santa, checking lists twice.


Your answer is what on SE sites is called "link only". As the moderator pointed out, we've got some quality guidelines here. If you read them, and incorporate some improvements with your answer, it can be undeleted. Just flag it for moderator attention when done.


You need to have personal experience with software that you recommend, as per the answer quality guidelines. Your answer essentially falls in the 'I Googled your query and found this' section as of right now - even if you filtered them manually. You should at least comment on everything you recommend - even "this works great" is enough in my book. ...


I remember that one: It was even cross-platform and could be used for Linux as well. Luckily I've bookmarked it: Veyon. Now let's see where that Q&A is… Here you go: Teaching tools (looking for a program to control what the students are doing in real time)

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