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Assuming that the formal site title "Software Recommendations" is not going to change (it may, and that's fine, but this is assuming it won't), I think we can use the following abbreviations / shorthand in chat and when referring to Software Recommendations on other sites: Abbreviation: SR (side question: are there any other SE sites with the abbreviation ...


I like the idea of something like "Software Sherpas" or something. Definitely tho, software.stackexchange.com or recommendation.stackexchange.com is better than softwarerecs.stackexchange.com Seems like the opinion is for software.stackexchange.com


I would love to see the sites name be software-recs. I think the enhanced readability offsets the additional character. (In fact I read the current name to be softwarecs, which it isn't...)


This might be a bit late to the party. But having to type softwarerecs.stackexchange.com (30 characters!) everytime does feel rather taxing on the fingers. Inspired by hsm.stackexchange.com, I think it's great if there's a chance we could shorten the url to swr.stackexchange.com.


How about SoftRex that constitutes Software and Recommendations altogether and is pretty small to fit in. Its Quite Catchy too.

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