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Quote from edit questions and answers: When should I edit posts? Any time you feel you can make the post better, and are inclined to do so. Editing is encouraged! Some common reasons to edit are: ... to clarify the meaning of a post without changing it to add related resources or hyperlinks ... Therefor I think all such edits are appropriate. If such ...


You need 350 rep to be granted the access to the review queue. For a private beta site, voting to close and reopen is a privilege granted to everyone. But this will quickly change once the site gets out into public beta. When you get 350 rep, you should be able to get the review link at the top bar.


Yes, it definitely helps! Your flags push the posts into the review queues, where they are likely to (eventually) get the further processing they require. I've personally noticed many helpful flags from you, and I appreciate them.


The sneaky thing here is that it wasn't cleared - the text lies. You simply already reviewed all the items you could (and weren't eligible for some, like a bunch of tag wiki suggestions I just cleared out). These ones you couldn't review for one reason or another were still active review tasks that we need help with... but you can't help with them. It's ...


There is a similar question on the main meta site: Undo edit suggestion. The answer is that, no, you cannnot retract a suggested edit. It appears that you will have to wait for the expected rejection to come through.


This is a known bug: the counter at the top includes all open reviews, not just the ones you can act on. This includes the reviews that you've already acted on, as well as the occasional review you aren't eligible for in a queue that you do have the privilege for (e.g. a tag wiki suggested edit that you submitted). This bug exists on every site, but you'll ...


That means you have done your maximum daily votes on questions/answers (40). I suppose the assumption is that you should be able to vote on questions/answers to access those review queues. ~8 hours in when the "day" switches for StackExchange


I'd say there's no general advice here. I often sit in the very same situation, additionally with the "Delete" option. If it's a new user's first question, and just a few hours old – I'd prefer they'd get a real chance to fix it up; their first question deleted within minutes just scares them away. Which there was a possibility to set a reminder: "Re-visit ...

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