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Can/should we recommend software that might be illegal (at some places)?

It is irrelevant whether software is/can be illegal, because that is defined by local authorities. As a user, I can't determine where an asker lives and which laws he should follow. Furthermore, any ...
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"Have things changed?" questions

At least up to now, we deal with this the same way your second paragraph indicates (bounty even has a special entry for that, and usually draws more attention than a "plain question"). I'd say if the ...
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6 votes

Are questions regarding password cracking on-topic?

Yes, such questions are on-topic as long as they fulfill our usual requirements. there are legitimate uses of password crackers, e.g. when you have forgotten your own password or when testing the ...
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3 votes

Is it allowed to request software that breaks a service's terms of service (TOS)?

Youtube prohibits downloading videos or converting them to mp3 AFAIK and youtube-dl is very popular software that does that. The OP could argue that he wants to use it on websites other than youtube ...
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Are questions regarding password cracking on-topic?

Knowledge is always good, whether learning how to crack passwords, how to write malware, how to do phishing. Maybe you are a computer security student, or an ethical hacker. Maybe you are just curious....
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