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Answers with broken links to software that is no longer available

This is one of the reasons that we discourage product recommendations on super user. In many cases the author is gone so pinging the author might not be a good solution on its own. To me If its a ...
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Why use "noreferrer" in anchor tag?

It is done mostly to prevent information leak such as your GET variables or website structure. For example: If your users have any kind of GET variables in their URL like
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change help center URL links from to

Strange, but for me those links show softwarerecs.meta.*. OK, invoked the editor to take a closer look: indeed there it's the way you say. And what's more: http://, not https://. Must be one of my ...
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Finding my broken links

Great question. I'm not aware of any built-in StackExchange functionality for community members (or community moderators) to do this. I am, however, aware of a Firefox extension that may help. It's ...
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