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New Site Design!

Looks great Pawel! Your design is: Clear Visually appealing Simple Easy to read Reasonably friendly to people with limited eyesight Works for people with all types of color blindness Low bandwidth ...
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Software Recommendations New Site Design

For a site with such an abstract, hard-to-design-for topic, you've done great. A few minor nitpicks: The usercard feels a little lopsided: Seems like there should be more whitespace on the left ...
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Design Ideas for this site. Again

Please make sure that the contrast between the text and the background is decently high (e.g., at least respecting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0). This can be checked easily ...
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New Site Design!

As our Lizard already pointed out: Nice and crisp! Maybe you want to make it even "crisper", so I'll put some of my currently used slight adjustments here, which give a little more contrast while ...
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Design Ideas for this site. Again

SR is about choosing what app fits a person's scenario the best (requirements, budget, environment, etc). So it is easy to come up with the metaphor of shopping. And shopping is the most hated thing ...
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Design ideas for this site

Answer by MadTux One idea I had is a magnifying glass theme (as a symbol for searching), and maybe a central picture of a desktop with Win8, Ubuntu, Mac, etc. style windows? ...
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