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Should we disable the Roomba?

No, for a simple reason. There's another problem here: has a score of 0 The Roomba (or this task, specifically) only deletes questions with score = 0. That means there's a very simple solution, ...
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Should we disable the Roomba?

The Roomba needs to go away for this site. (It also needs to be changed for the other SE sites, but that's another story.) First, let me say that this site is different than other StackExchange ...
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Should we disable the Roomba?

Roomba should be disabled: if a question is not good, it gets downvoted. If off-topic, it gets closed. 1 year is short, I have had dozens of (good) questions at risk, simply because few people ...
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Make sure your questions don't get deleted silently: beware of Roomba!

I agree that some good questions escape our attention quickly, thus getting no upvotes and no answers. To spot these before they get Roombaed, I wrote this tool:
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