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As the same visitor can visit the site multiple times, sure those are different things. But how 0 visitors manage to visite 3,402 times a day, you'll have to ask a magician – unless that's supposed to mean "there was no visitor accessing this site 3,402 times a day – everybody who visited had different numbers". Then it makes sense again :) So I'd say: It's ...


The sneaky thing here is that it wasn't cleared - the text lies. You simply already reviewed all the items you could (and weren't eligible for some, like a bunch of tag wiki suggestions I just cleared out). These ones you couldn't review for one reason or another were still active review tasks that we need help with... but you can't help with them. It's ...


Asking there was the right place, I think. It is probably not SR-specific.


This is a known bug: the counter at the top includes all open reviews, not just the ones you can act on. This includes the reviews that you've already acted on, as well as the occasional review you aren't eligible for in a queue that you do have the privilege for (e.g. a tag wiki suggested edit that you submitted). This bug exists on every site, but you'll ...


I agree that it's a bug. This should just say “high-reputation”: it reads better, and it's easier technically since the text is shared between sites.


I think this was due to my having a proxy active in my browser. So this seems to be a general meta stack exchange question, and as such I posted a new question into Is asking questions on Stack Exchange sites using a proxy prohibited?

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