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Suggested edits fools me

The sneaky thing here is that it wasn't cleared - the text lies. You simply already reviewed all the items you could (and weren't eligible for some, like a bunch of tag wiki suggestions I just cleared ...
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Was SE Meta the best place to post this, or would it have been better to post it here?

Asking there was the right place, I think. It is probably not SR-specific.
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2 links on

A few years ago, Stack Exchange changed all their meta sites from: http://meta.[community] to https://[community] I've found the URLs that use the original ...
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"An error occurred when submitting a question." but without any detail

I think this was due to my having a proxy active in my browser. So this seems to be a general meta stack exchange question, and as such I posted a new question into Is asking questions on Stack ...
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How did I get the announcer badge for this question?

In this case, the answer is simple - just looking at the linked questions (at the moment there is only one), you can see your comment posted under this question: Audio player showing timestamps. (The ...
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change help center URL links from to

Strange, but for me those links show softwarerecs.meta.*. OK, invoked the editor to take a closer look: indeed there it's the way you say. And what's more: http://, not https://. Must be one of my ...
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