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Can/should we force users to state O/S and gratis or not before posting?

Support for required tags exists in the engine (on meta sites, all questions must have one of the tags discussion, support, bug or feature-request. However no main site currently has such a ...
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Is it acceptable to use 'best' in a question?

I would avoid using "best" unless it can be objectively measured - examples of what I mean: Good use of "best": Q:Which is the best linux OS for installing in the smallest footprint possible? A: ...
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Is asking for software comparisons on-topic?

Thanks for asking, Ben! Please see: Is tool x versus tool y a fair question?. TL;DR: It's off-topic. SR is about recommending software meeting specific requirements. And as long as requirements are ...
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Questions to "get inspiration" for new software is on-topic?

Just replace I'm creating a new software and the features will be with I am looking for a software with these features. Then just look at it: if that makes a good question, then don't hesitate to ask ...
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