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Edit otherwise valid answer to remove "Also, look at that long list of maybe solutions"?

Good observation, Nicolas. When I see that type of answer, I often wonder "What is wrong with the answer that they decided to also include a link to a list of apps?". I then reread the answer at ...
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3 votes

How to handle one line answers vs comments

The second category ("Try software XYZ, it will work well.") lacks the info whether it meets the requirements at all (if I ask for a boat and get told a car "works well", it doesn't help me at all) – ...
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3 votes

How to handle "it's impossible" answers?

I think that we should we allow "It's impossible" answers for the following reasons: Such answers are useful to inform the OP and other readers of the difficulty or impossibility to provide ...
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2 votes

How to handle "it's impossible" answers?

I don't want such answers. They don't help me. And thus I downvote, because that's exactly what the downvote means: "it is not useful". When I ask a question, I have a problem and I want to ...
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2 votes

Answers with broken links to software that is no longer available

This is one of the reasons that we discourage product recommendations on super user. In many cases the author is gone so pinging the author might not be a good solution on its own. To me If its a ...
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2 votes

Edit otherwise valid answer to remove "Also, look at that long list of maybe solutions"?

I find RockPaperLizard's paragraph about "lacking answers" very true. Answers that have such links are often lacking something else. Often the answer would otherwise be a one-line answer (which ...
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1 vote

You're doing it all wrong!

Four points: When a question gets no answers, most askers would prefer link-dropping to something they were not aware of to having no answer at all. Requiring personal experience decreases the ...
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