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2 links on

On I found two links, one that links to
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Tour improvement proposal: add a ⚠ markers to the guideline items

Currently, almost all SE sites have their on-topic block in their tour consisting of items with X and √ markers. In this sense, the SR on-topic block has much important info that can be easily ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Should we link to the quality guideline from the how-to-ask section?

We have the What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? question. It is linked from the Tour. Honestly, I never read the tour, except scrolling to the end to get the [...
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10 votes
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Update to our `/help/on-topic` page

As we discussed on chat, our /help/on-topic page might need at least a tiny update. I recommend the following addition right after the currently "blockquoted line": Especially, make sure your ...
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Suitable question for /tour page with relaxed requirements?

The tour page (formerly known as “the new /about”) contains a sample question with two answers. This Q&A&A triple has to meet some stringent requirements; in particular, they have to be short (...
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7 votes
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Please update the Help Center's "What topics can I ask about here?"

The SE podcast summary lured me to Software Recommendations. I've had a question for a while now that my gut told me would be on topic. As a moderately active SE citizen I wanted to be careful though ...
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6 votes
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Allow moderators to customize the first line of the editable parts of /about

I took a first go at filling the moderator-editable parts of /about. It seems to me that the “Ask about…” section doesn't really work as a bullet point list of topics. What I'd like to write is Ask ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What should our /about contain?

I've taken a first go at the customizable parts of the very first page users are supposed to read on the site — the tour page (formerly known as /about), based on the guidelines we've established so ...
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