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Product names in question titles / "Alternative to ..." titles

I asked a question, where the original title was Free alternative to Adobe VoCo A moderator then left the following comment: Would you mind removing the word "Adobe VoCo" from the title? Or at ...
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Recommendations and "Titles should avoid being subjective" [duplicate]

I'd like to better understand the meaning of two things that seems opposite to me. To recommend means to give an advice to someone. The etymology of advice is: advice (n.) late 13c., auys "opinion," ...
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Can the Browser Tab title not start with the tag name?

Currently some of my browser tabs are titled like this: Since I guess most questions will start with an OS tag like [Windows] or [Linux] the title is partially useless and I can't see the rest which ...
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Should titles actually be a question?

I am genuinely curious, but this is my second beta and one thing I have noticed is the first edit that people make to questions is make the title into a question. For example, the title of my 2nd ...
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Mention operating system in title

Should mentioning the Operating System in titles be removed? We have tags to indicate those information. And on Stack Overflow it is recommended to remove the language tag from the title.
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