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0 answers

Impossible captcha

I was reading some questions/answers on the site, and then I ended on a "Human verification" page, with a captcha (recaptcha). While the captchas were easily readable, I had to try around 30 times ...
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7 votes
0 answers

The active question page shows 0 ongoing bounties when in fact there is one

I just noticed that the active question page shows 0 on-going bounties, but there actually is an on-going one: If you click on the "featured" tab, it shows the number correctly: I guess this is ...
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Suggested Edit queue says 0, but I have pending reviews?

The suggested edit fools me, suggests to me this could be caching. However, the review I have submitted is at least a day old. Is the caching weekly?
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1 vote
0 answers

Proposed edit by other user - reject or approve?

There is a (good) pending edit to this question but I have not approved because the editor and the OP look like different users. They currently have 1010 and 1 rep respectively, so it could be that ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Did the favorite tags get lost?

I just found out that I didn't have any favorite tags any more. No questions were highlighted in yellow and I had to re-add all (?) the tags. This is a bit annoying, since I actually don't know which ...
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Wordless teaching

Can someone give me a complete commission of wordless teaching (teaching, that does not recall the recollection of what text, (therefore, also, of what text had taught). How do you compare this to ...
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