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Which software is considered spam here?

I suggested Movavi Screen Recorder as an answer to this question. My answer was deleted as spam, although I use the software myself and didn't notice any viruses or other adware there. According to ...
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Is LeadTools spamming?

It seems there are a lot of answers to old questions which I personally consider spam according the definition "only exists to promote a product". Some of them my question, which is why I ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is there a way we can allow community members to explain why they think a post is spam?

When going through the moderator queues, I come across posts that one (or more) of our community members have flagged as spam. Our community doesn't get a lot of spam, but when we do, it's usually ...
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If answer applies to the question but is from someone spamming, do we leave it or kill it [duplicate]

Just saw this in the first posts review queue: ... and even while looking at it the downvotes kicked in (from -1 to -3), so it will ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Are there any guidelines for answering with your own software?

Somebody asked a question which seems to be solved with a software I authored¹. Is there anything special I have to consider when posting an answer about this that goes beyond the general SE standards?...
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Is suggesting one app multiple times with more than a half in the answers talking about my usage acceptable?

Yesterday I posted a bunch of answers recommending a particular software. Some of them were deleted for not being tailored to the specific questions, and I agreed with it. But they still aren't ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Long-time spammer happens to be on-topic. Delete or not?

For a long time we have endured spam from SomeProduct's company/owner/employees who post a lot of answers about SomeProduct in barely relevant questions. Today they posted again about SomeProduct and ...
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Forward Thinking Systems: spam or not?

This question has a few particularities that might be interpreted as signs of spam: Both asker and answerer have created their Software ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Should we take a proactive approach to avoid affiliate linking?

Earlier today, a Stack Overflow (SO) member noticed that another member was knowingly editing answers on SO that contained iTunes links to include the latter member's affiliate account number so that ...
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3 answers

Is offerring to write a program for someone spam?

(Related to and inspired by this question) In the post that I linked above it seems pretty well established that "There is no currently existing software that fulfills your request", possibly ...
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