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What is required for a question to contain "enough information"?

This is the question edition of What is required for an answer to be high quality? One of the key problems that I see Software Recommendations having, is people asking extremely vague and simple ...
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How to ask for an alternative to some software

I have software X and I like it. However, I want an extra feature that X doesn't provide. Or I want to run X on a different platform. How can I ask for an alternative to X?
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12 answers

Are hosting recommendation requests on-topic?

I just saw this question: It's asking for a hosting recommendation. Are these on topic here?
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Impossible/impractical requests?

Program to search EULA contracts for problems asks for something that appears to me to be well beyond the state of the art. (If not, you can supply an answer). I think it reasonable to "require" ...
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Should we allow questions asking for software cracker, patcher or keygens?

Should we allow questions which ask for software product license/key generators, activators, patches or cracker? And why? Question would be of the sort say I'm using X, version Y on OS Z. I want to ...
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Make sure your questions don't get deleted silently: beware of Roomba!

Just a word of warning, as this SE is now over 1-year old: if you asked a question that is 1-year old, has no answer, didn't get any upvote and has at most 1 comment, Roomba will delete it without ...
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Is it okay to ask for alternatives? [duplicate]

For the sake of making an example that's easy to understand: If I were a Java w/ Spring developer using Eclipse, would the following question be acceptable? What's an alternative to Eclipse for ...
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Is it OK to ask for a software having a particular feature?

I saw some questions being put on hold as too broad because they ask for just a particular feature. How many features must the OP mention in the question? Is it OK to ask for a software having a ...
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My question was closed as too broad, why?

I asked a question with some specifics characteristics I'm looking, but was closed as too broad, why? Here is my question: Image editor that can draw a line Must be able to draw a line. ...
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Should titles actually be a question?

I am genuinely curious, but this is my second beta and one thing I have noticed is the first edit that people make to questions is make the title into a question. For example, the title of my 2nd ...
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What if we don't know exactly what we want?

The ground rules for softwarerecs give top billing to the idea of listing specific requirements in a question, and I totally get why that is. But what about those cases where a user may not actually ...
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Criteria you should mention in your question, for each type of software

We sometimes get questions like "What criteria should I consider for X" (which are off-topic). Also, we often get questions with not enough criteria (even though they comply with the general rule) ...
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How should we treat questions about plugins and such "software-parts"? [duplicate]

I made a "test-drive" question about plugins. But, how should we treat those kind of question, that doesn't ask for a application itself, just a dll or plugin like software?
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Asking questions about potentially "bad" software?

This question asks about a "stealth keylogger" recommendation. Now, there is a small chance this person is only using it to spy on his kids or something of the sort. But from the fact that he want's ...
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Should we accept root/hack/jailbreak related questions?

In the Tavern (where the mSO folks sit all day and watch this site with eagle eyes), at least one person expressed concern at this recent question - App to alert me of firmware updates on a rooted ...
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Should we migrate questions from other SE sites?

I have seen some questions on other SE sites which are closed. For example this question (there are more of them): What's the best CDN for image hosting on a high-volume web site? This question has ...
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New script: Questions needing attention

You have already scrolled the Questions page twice, and still looking for other questions to answer? This script is made for you!
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What happens when someone needs one very specific feature?

I agree with the quality standards that have been outlined so far but I think there's a problem with people understanding the difference between a low quality question and a brief question. There's a ...
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2 answers

Would a more rigid question template help achieve a consistent quality?

On other sites much more variation in the question structure is expected. For instance on stackoverflow some questions are very short code snippets, some are in depth debugging - the asker needs a lot ...
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Shall this site support questions on youtube downloaders?

Should questions regarding youtube video downloads be supported by this site? Quick Google search shows particular clauses of youtube terms, which are getting breached. I received the comment @...
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Populate the site with our best use cases

For me it is a great deal working with Ditto. And I added how I work with it as a self-answering-question. Everyone has a way of making the daily use cases easier. I believe many of them are actual ...
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Feature list for question "Recommend me alternative to X"

I have sample question for free alternative to paid software X. I have upvoted comment, that I should list all features. Is this necessary? I'm looking for software that have similar features, and ...
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Are "Can I use X for Y" questions on-topic?

I'm tempted to vote this question as off-topic but cannot find any criteria on meta about this. What do we do with questions of the form "I'm using X, can I do Y with it?"
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What kind of software recommendations is this site for?

I don't understand.. if I ask for a list of software, it is too broad. if I ask for the best, it is opinionable if I simply ask to detail the feature of one good graphic program it's not the mission ...
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Reverse Recommendations: If X is the answer what is the question?

I was considering today, if questions of the form: Reverse Requirements Form I am considering Fortran as a tool for numerical computation. If Fortran is a good tool for me, what are my desires? ...
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Should we have some broad wiki questions for some things?

Crazy idea -- I was just wondering, maybe it is good if we include some very few broad questions (like "What is the best Linux distro"), so that each noteworthy distro gets a wiki answer for people ...
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