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"Ask Question" functionality: Essential details for every question

Almost every question should specify the operating system(s) and whether the recommendation request is for gratis or commercial software. Many questions fail to include this information, which then ...
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How should we deal with question asking for a "project-like"(full system) software

Question asking for a software with such specific elements and business rules, like the one asked by @Chris where he ask for tours booking portal. That is one Portal (as himself states), with ...
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How to handle half-and-half questions?

What is the best way to handle half-and-half questions? For example, part of this question belongs on SuperUser and part belongs here: Retroactively download a history of all URLs I have visited in ...
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How can I focus my Kijiji RSS feed question?

To clarify my question has not been officially asked. I just know it has issues that need to be fixed before it is asked officially. I have a question that is really a collection of several. That ...
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