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Are video game related questions on topic?

When it comes to video games, some people that I know personally don't consider them as software while I do and game recommendations are off topic on Arqade. Assuming that a user posts a detailed ...
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Testing the game recommendation category of questions

Related: Are video game related questions on topic? Below are a variety of game recommendation questions that we saw on the gaming Stack Exchange, Arqade, during its life. I have split these into ...
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2 answers

Would plugin recommendations about Minecraft be on topic?

So for example "Plugin for Bukkit that will rollback changes on a Minecraft server" or "Plugin for Bukkit that will So long as the question is specific in what plugin the user is looking for, I don'...
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The closure of "Looking for First Person, Physics based, Puzzle games"

I'm not convinced that this question should have been closed: Looking for First Person, Physics based, Puzzle games From what I see, two reasons have been given from Caleb and Gilles: Too broad No ...
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Educational Games

Can we put educational games as an answer for question like this? Android application to learn English for small kids Maybe should I make this clear in my question, that I'm not asking for games for ...