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"Have things changed?" questions

There's always new software coming out, but old questions aren't necessarily revisited. I can find a question which addresses exactly the same use case as mine and has an bountied answer, but the ...
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Why was my TrueCrypt question merged into a different one?

I asked a perfectly reasonable question over on SuperUser. It was then needlessly moved over here. Windows Encrypted Virtual Hard Drive but not Bitlocker or Truecrypt? It was then needlessly merged ...
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What if a question is looking for a software doing X on Mac OS, and I want a software doing X on Windows? [duplicate]

There is a question is looking for a software doing X on Mac OS. I am looking for a software doing X on Windows. Shall I create a new question with the same content but just changing the name of the ...
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How to deal with similar but not duplicate questions

For example this two cases listed below are different questions but same answers may apply and actually answer both questions. Is there an alternative software for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? Photo ...
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