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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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The active question page shows 0 ongoing bounties when in fact there is one

I just noticed that the active question page shows 0 on-going bounties, but there actually is an on-going one: If you click on the "featured" tab, it shows the number correctly: I guess this is ...
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Lets have some consistency for the Beta Layout of the website

I was reviewing the layout of the website and seems like it isn't consistent over pages, if we take a look at the Home page... We have border-bottom ALMOST overlying the main border of the menu. Now ...
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When not having enough reputation to create a new tag, the error message stays even when the tag is removed

If you enter tags that don't exist (and you don't create the tags), press Post Your Question, view the tag related error message and then remove the offending tags, the site continues to think the ...
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Oops, those icons are unexpected

After I went to the icons are unexpected: I'm using FF 56.0
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Required tags on meta are a little heavy

The required tags on meta feel a heavy and dark, and they're a little distracting: Could we make them have the same background and text color as 'normal' tags, but with a slight border? color: #...
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