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What is required for an answer to be high quality?

This is the answer edition of What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? As a continuation of the above, the second key problem that I see Software Recommendations ...
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You're doing it all wrong!

Before this proposal went into beta, Tim Post laid out some ground rules on Area 51. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. The problem, a lot of you guys aren't following ...
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What to do when an answer contains several suggestions?

The answer to this question (since deleted) gives 4 suggestions as a single answer: (click for full-sized version) I think suggestion4 is great and suggestion1 is crap, but I can't express it by ...
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How are we going to moderate answers?

Everyone has already agreed if this site is going to work we need to have really high quality questions and answers (especially the answers). This leads to the question, how are we going to ...
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A call to arms: review these answers!

Answers of this site are of very disparate quality. We have a lot of bad answers; some have already been improved or removed, but others are lingering. We're in the process of determining what to do ...
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Should we add a second answer with the same recommendation if the first answer is very low quality?

I have just seen this answer Password manager for Linux with just working in-browser autotype Using the tool myself I'm sure I could write a better answer (more detailed, with screenshot...). So ...
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Are answers which provide a complete script acceptable?

Olli has this excellent question which asks for a file integrity checker. I'm sure many of us could write up a quick shell script and cron entry that will do exactly what he needs. We seem to have ...
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How important is personal experience?

How important is my personal experience when I recommend a product? In the answers I've posted so far, my experience ranges from “I've never used this application before but I'm familiar enough with ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Is suggesting python libraries/solution a proper software recommendations? [duplicate]

Recently I've seen answers, where the OP is asking for a software recommendations, and the answers outlines how to do this in python, and which libraries might come in handy to solve the issue. But, ...
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2 answers

Is source code an acceptable answer?

Please see my exchange of comments with @Bruno Lowagie on this question. Bruno as provided some source code as an answer. While I, as a fellow programmer, might welcome such an answer, I think I ...
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Can we afford deleting not good quality answers?

I really really love your passion but I think you didn't take everything into consideration. You are stating wonderful rules for achieving a really good quality answers and questions. But they ...
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2 answers

Should I flag answers that contain multiple, independent solutions?

So some time ago I flagged an answer that contained multiple recommendations within one answer and it was declined, why? Should we continue to allow these types of answers? I know this question What ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How to approach answers as software is updated

After reading through some of the questions on Software Recommendations Meta (SRM), most notably: "You're doing it all wrong!" "What is required for a question to contain “enough information”?" I'm ...
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How can I answer my own recommendation? [duplicate]

As all SE sites, Software Recommendations encourage people to share knowledge in the way of selfanswering questions, which is nice and all, but... how do I objectively answer my own question? I mean, ...
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Quality guidelines for software identification questions/answers?

The top-voted¹ answer to the discussion Is software identification on-topic? says that (some) identification questions should be on-topic. Because of this, the question Wiki software being used by ...
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Is the perfect enemy of the good?

I have a general question, which, I think, is well demonstrated in this Q&A (and the comments beneath my answer). So, the TS has a question about good tool for beginners. Obviously, that's the ...
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Can I post as many answers as I want?

It seems obvious to me that users should be allowed to post several answers to the same question. But some might not agree, so I thought I would ask here, just to make sure. Let's say UserA has ...
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