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Software comparison: off-topic? [duplicate]

Sometimes I need to know how 2 or more applications compare with regards to a specific feature / criterion: e.g. How does the speech recognition accuracy compare between Dragon NaturallySpeaking's ...
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"Java IDE" questions - you're doing it wrong [duplicate]

I disagree with closing this question: IntelliJ IDEA vs Eclipse vs NetBeans for "pure Java" development I need to refer to my previous post again: Is tool x versus tool y a fair question? (...
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Asking about software/tool comparison questions on topic? [duplicate]

I am talking about the question based on asking for advice in choosing one of x tools. Reason behind this is, users intend to ask questions for finding a tool that will help them do their work. But ...
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You're doing it all wrong!

Before this proposal went into beta, Tim Post laid out some ground rules on Area 51. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. The problem, a lot of you guys aren't following ...
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Custom close reasons for software recommendations

Due to the unique nature of Software Recommendations in comparison to the rest of the Stack Exchange network, I feel some discussion needs to go into the creation of close reasons specific to this ...
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Let's reword our intro at the Ask Question Wizard

In the Ask Question Wizard, there are 6 options: 3 of these options make a customized message appear. For instance, the "I have a question about some code" option's message is a custom message about ...
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What should our documentation contain?

This is one of those seven essential meta questions of every beta and I feel it's going to result in a lot of discussion. Unlike other Stack Exchange sites, much of our documentation is probably going ...
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Should we include "flame-war" questions to have something to point users to?

Questions like "vim or emacs" and "which linux distribution" will come up repeatedly after the beta. Should we just close those as off-topic, or have canonical questions/answers for those? See for ...
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Is asking for Drupal modules and/or themes on topic?

Asking recommendations to find an appropriate contributed Drupal module or theme is not considered as on topic at Drupal Answers. Do we count the contributed Drupal modules and/or theme as softwares ...
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Should software and OS license comparison questions be off topic?

I am specifically wondering if this question should or should not be allowed? I never heard back from any mods on this one. If it is off-topic is there anywhere on the stack exchange network where ...
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Is this a software comparison question?

I want to know what the pros and cons are between using portables versus just using the portable apps. (A lot of programmes can be downloaded in a self-contained zip file.) So my ...
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Would it be viable to broaden the scope of Software Recommendations to also include reviews?

This site has received several questions that are in the format of "Is Software X a good option for my task?", or "What are the differences between tool X and tool Y?". These questions are normally ...
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Is asking for software comparisons on-topic?

So I have seen this question which says no; however that question is asking "why/if I should change". My question is more regarding the differences of "free" vs "paid" ...
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