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Custom close reasons for software recommendations

Due to the unique nature of Software Recommendations in comparison to the rest of the Stack Exchange network, I feel some discussion needs to go into the creation of close reasons specific to this ...
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Are hardware recommendations on-topic?

This site was established as a software recommendations site. However, we do not have to define our scope based on historical happenstance in choosing a name. Given that our primary focus is on ...
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Can I ask for recommended websites?

I may want to ask for websites where I can find recommended music the way IMDB is a good site for Movie information. Or I want a website where I can read Firefox OS news, in a similar format to OMG! ...
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Should we migrate questions from other SE sites?

I have seen some questions on other SE sites which are closed. For example this question (there are more of them): What's the best CDN for image hosting on a high-volume web site? This question has ...
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Are web service recommendations off-topic?

Online storage service with 15GB that works well on Linux In my opinion, this is not off-topic, as it specifically requests for service with Linux (software) support. Self-hosted collaborative real-...
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Are web API recommendations on-topic?

In the past I have had mixed success asking for web APIs on other Stack Exchange sites. I think I've tried Stack Overflow and Web Apps, but I'm not 100% sure. Web APIs seem to be much like libraries ...
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Including cloud-based services for software recommendations?

I asked this question Free SaaS machine learning that exports to PMML, with bayes, random forest, NN, SVM, and decision trees but it was put on hold as off topic. My question is, in this age of high ...
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Is this question really off-topic because the requested software has to be hosted?

The question Free wiki-like webapp with internationalization, no ads, anyone can edit, mobile-friendly was closed by a mod, referencing the meta-discussion Are hosting recommendation requests on-topic?...
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Is my question bad or off topic?

This is my first question in Software Recommendation. I am surprised to see so many downvotes. Is the question really that bad? Please someone explain so I can delete my question after knowing the ...
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Are questions on webmail recommandations acceptable?

See title? Can I ask a question about recommendations for, say, Gmail alternatives? Can I ask for recommended websites? seems to deal with a similar issue, but it doesn't specifically discuss ...
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Can I ask for recommendations for online services?

Can I ask for recommendations for online services? I read Can I ask for recommended websites? but what I want to ask about doesn't really seem to fall into either the "web site" or "web app" ...
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