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What is required for a question to contain "enough information"?

This is the question edition of What is required for an answer to be high quality? One of the key problems that I see Software Recommendations having, is people asking extremely vague and simple ...
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How to ask and answer software recommendation questions - aka 'The Ground Rules'

This post should not be linked to as guidelines for post quality. It is from the Area 51 days and is not kept updated with policy changes. If you're asking a question, please refer to What is ...
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An odd request: can we have another week in private beta?

If the Community Managers team (henceforth CM) so decides, we're scheduled to start public beta in two days (Tuesday). I'm not sure we're ready. On most new beta sites, announcements from the CM team ...
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What to do when an answer contains several suggestions?

The answer to this question (since deleted) gives 4 suggestions as a single answer: (click for full-sized version) I think suggestion4 is great and suggestion1 is crap, but I can't express it by ...
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Is it okay to ask for alternatives? [duplicate]

For the sake of making an example that's easy to understand: If I were a Java w/ Spring developer using Eclipse, would the following question be acceptable? What's an alternative to Eclipse for ...
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Are we becoming lax about answer quality?

I'm concerned. Overall, I think we're doing great. We get more questions per day than all but 8 beta sites, we have awesome users with tons of reputation that help out, and we have a pretty decent ...
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90 days have past, how do our statistics look?

90 days have past, and Software Recommendations is proving very useful (at least to me), but what do our statistics say? Statistics are watched closely by our overlords, so even though it is only ...
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Design Ideas for this site. Again

My name is Paweł, I'm Senior Product Designer from StackOverflow and I'm going to work on your site's design and I need your help. Right now I'm in the "research stage" which basically means that I'...
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How are we going to moderate answers?

Everyone has already agreed if this site is going to work we need to have really high quality questions and answers (especially the answers). This leads to the question, how are we going to ...
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It is NOT ok to copy and paste from product website

On this question, user3075942 posts 3 answers. All of the feature lists are direct copy and pastes from the product websites. As are the screen-shots. On SW-REC SE, we add value (over a google search)...
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A call to arms: review these answers!

Answers of this site are of very disparate quality. We have a lot of bad answers; some have already been improved or removed, but others are lingering. We're in the process of determining what to do ...
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How important is personal experience?

How important is my personal experience when I recommend a product? In the answers I've posted so far, my experience ranges from “I've never used this application before but I'm familiar enough with ...
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How should we treat answers that don't fit all requirements?

On the question proposed by @juergen d where he asks about XML inspection tool, the only answer (so far) is one answer that doesn't fit 100% of the requirements, but provides good information and may ...
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What is required for a "there is no such program" answer to be high quality?

What is required for an answer to be high quality? does a good job to explain what is expected for answer pointing to a program. What is required for a "there is no such program" answer to be high ...
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Update to our `/help/on-topic` page

As we discussed on chat, our /help/on-topic page might need at least a tiny update. I recommend the following addition right after the currently "blockquoted line": Especially, make sure your ...
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