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Moderator deleted the only answer I would accept

A moderator deleted my answer here: Free software to track movies I'm watching My answer might not be the most comprehensive, but it works for all my needs. I might accept a better answer in the ...
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Why was this answer deleted?

My answer was deleted and I'm not sure why. The question asked for "stealth keylogger", where stealth was defined as "does not appear in the Task Manager" "works well on Windows 10", also windows and ...
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2 links on

On I found two links, one that links to
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How did we do in the Private Beta?

Now that the site has moved from Private Beta to Public Beta, are we going to be able to see any statistics as to how the site is performing? I know there are statistics at Area 51 but that doesn't ...
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Would it be viable to broaden the scope of Software Recommendations to also include reviews?

This site has received several questions that are in the format of "Is Software X a good option for my task?", or "What are the differences between tool X and tool Y?". These questions are normally ...
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Quality guidelines for software identification questions/answers?

The top-voted¹ answer to the discussion Is software identification on-topic? says that (some) identification questions should be on-topic. Because of this, the question Wiki software being used by ...
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Only one software recommandation per answer? [duplicate]

I answered a software rec question by providing not just one recommandation but several softwares meeting or approaching the OP's criteria, divided into different categories depending on the final ...
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How to escalate or request another moderator's review on a deleted answer?

Assume a moderator deletes one of my answers by mistake (Assume moderator agreed he failed to read the question and my answer properly), is there a way to request for another moderator's review or ...
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