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What are our canned comments?

Now we are public, that means a bit more traffic and lots of people asking and answering. Which leads to the boredom of having to write a comment each time something is wrong with a post. So, do we ...
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Add descriptions of mentioned software

How far should software mentioned in questions be described? Now and then, I encounter questions where I don't know the software described ( like here ), but I think I might know an answer. Is it good ...
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Should we allow minimal (link-only) 'responses' to questions?

Related discussions: What is required for an answer to be high quality? How are we going to moderate answers? The listed related discussions show that answers should contain more than a link to the ...
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Is asking for lists of software welcome?

Today I stumbled upon this question that asks for a list of software. That is, it doesn't seek a (1) tool to accomplish a task, but it seeks everything there is in that area. My first impression was ...
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A call to arms: review these answers!

Answers of this site are of very disparate quality. We have a lot of bad answers; some have already been improved or removed, but others are lingering. We're in the process of determining what to do ...
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Should we have higher standards for what consitutes appropriate disclosure than the rest of the network?

In response to this answer question I commented that: When you work for the company that makes the product, it is normal practice to explicitly include a disclosure at the beginning or the end of ...
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How to ask and answer software recommendation questions - aka 'The Ground Rules'

This post should not be linked to as guidelines for post quality. It is from the Area 51 days and is not kept updated with policy changes. If you're asking a question, please refer to What is ...
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Can we afford deleting not good quality answers?

I really really love your passion but I think you didn't take everything into consideration. You are stating wonderful rules for achieving a really good quality answers and questions. But they ...
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Update to our `/help/on-topic` page

As we discussed on chat, our /help/on-topic page might need at least a tiny update. I recommend the following addition right after the currently "blockquoted line": Especially, make sure your ...
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What should our /about contain?

I've taken a first go at the customizable parts of the very first page users are supposed to read on the site — the tour page (formerly known as /about), based on the guidelines we've established so ...
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Are there any guidelines for answering with your own software?

Somebody asked a question which seems to be solved with a software I authored¹. Is there anything special I have to consider when posting an answer about this that goes beyond the general SE standards?...
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Community Promotion Ad on WordPress Development SE? (2015)

In the comments to a Meta discussion on WordPress Development, Rarst (moderator) suggested that we could submit a Community Promotion Ad for Software Recommendations SE. Their current year’s post is ...
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"Put on hold because opinion-based" in SE Software Recommendations

A question I made just got put on hold because it's too "opinion-based". If I understand correctly what "SE Software Recommendations" is, it's a place where people recommend software, based on the ...
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Can I post as many answers as I want?

It seems obvious to me that users should be allowed to post several answers to the same question. But some might not agree, so I thought I would ask here, just to make sure. Let's say UserA has ...
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Should we link to the quality guideline from the how-to-ask section?

We have the What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? question. It is linked from the Tour. Honestly, I never read the tour, except scrolling to the end to get the [...
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