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Can I post as many answers as I want?

It seems obvious to me that users should be allowed to post several answers to the same question. But some might not agree, so I thought I would ask here, just to make sure. Let's say UserA has ...
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An odd request: can we have another week in private beta?

If the Community Managers team (henceforth CM) so decides, we're scheduled to start public beta in two days (Tuesday). I'm not sure we're ready. On most new beta sites, announcements from the CM team ...
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How are we going to moderate answers?

Everyone has already agreed if this site is going to work we need to have really high quality questions and answers (especially the answers). This leads to the question, how are we going to ...
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Why is this site better than the other options? How does it overcome existing problems? Why should it exist?

This is a wide-reaching question not just about Software Recommendations (SR herein) but also about the future of sites you would hope will feed into it (the sites like Stack Overflow, Super User, Ask ...
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How did we do in the Private Beta?

Now that the site has moved from Private Beta to Public Beta, are we going to be able to see any statistics as to how the site is performing? I know there are statistics at Area 51 but that doesn't ...
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A call to arms: review these answers!

Answers of this site are of very disparate quality. We have a lot of bad answers; some have already been improved or removed, but others are lingering. We're in the process of determining what to do ...
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How important is personal experience?

How important is my personal experience when I recommend a product? In the answers I've posted so far, my experience ranges from “I've never used this application before but I'm familiar enough with ...
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Add descriptions of mentioned software

How far should software mentioned in questions be described? Now and then, I encounter questions where I don't know the software described ( like here ), but I think I might know an answer. Is it good ...

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