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Why was this answer deleted?

My answer was deleted and I'm not sure why. The question asked for "stealth keylogger", where stealth was defined as "does not appear in the Task Manager" "works well on Windows 10", also windows and ...
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Random inappropriate necro-deletion of decent, helpful, upvoted answer

I posted a quick answer to a question a while ago. I wasn't super detailed and it certainly wasn't a model answer, but I provided a service to the community by being the only one to recommend a ...
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How should we treat answers that don't fit all requirements?

On the question proposed by @juergen d where he asks about XML inspection tool, the only answer (so far) is one answer that doesn't fit 100% of the requirements, but provides good information and may ...
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What is required for a "there is no such program" answer to be high quality?

What is required for an answer to be high quality? does a good job to explain what is expected for answer pointing to a program. What is required for a "there is no such program" answer to be high ...
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Is asking for lists of software welcome?

Today I stumbled upon this question that asks for a list of software. That is, it doesn't seek a (1) tool to accomplish a task, but it seeks everything there is in that area. My first impression was ...
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Are we becoming lax about answer quality?

I'm concerned. Overall, I think we're doing great. We get more questions per day than all but 8 beta sites, we have awesome users with tons of reputation that help out, and we have a pretty decent ...
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How to ask and answer software recommendation questions - aka 'The Ground Rules'

This post should not be linked to as guidelines for post quality. It is from the Area 51 days and is not kept updated with policy changes. If you're asking a question, please refer to What is ...
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90 days have past, how do our statistics look?

90 days have past, and Software Recommendations is proving very useful (at least to me), but what do our statistics say? Statistics are watched closely by our overlords, so even though it is only ...
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Would it be viable to broaden the scope of Software Recommendations to also include reviews?

This site has received several questions that are in the format of "Is Software X a good option for my task?", or "What are the differences between tool X and tool Y?". These questions are normally ...
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What to do when an answer contains several suggestions?

The answer to this question (since deleted) gives 4 suggestions as a single answer: (click for full-sized version) I think suggestion4 is great and suggestion1 is crap, but I can't express it by ...
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What should our /about contain?

I've taken a first go at the customizable parts of the very first page users are supposed to read on the site — the tour page (formerly known as /about), based on the guidelines we've established so ...
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Should we migrate questions from other SE sites?

I have seen some questions on other SE sites which are closed. For example this question (there are more of them): What's the best CDN for image hosting on a high-volume web site? This question has ...
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It is NOT ok to copy and paste from product website

On this question, user3075942 posts 3 answers. All of the feature lists are direct copy and pastes from the product websites. As are the screen-shots. On SW-REC SE, we add value (over a google search)...
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What are our canned comments?

Now we are public, that means a bit more traffic and lots of people asking and answering. Which leads to the boredom of having to write a comment each time something is wrong with a post. So, do we ...
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Should we allow minimal (link-only) 'responses' to questions?

Related discussions: What is required for an answer to be high quality? How are we going to moderate answers? The listed related discussions show that answers should contain more than a link to the ...

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