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Should we have higher standards for what consitutes appropriate disclosure than the rest of the network?

In response to this answer question I commented that: When you work for the company that makes the product, it is normal practice to explicitly include a disclosure at the beginning or the end of ...
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How to escalate or request another moderator's review on a deleted answer?

Assume a moderator deletes one of my answers by mistake (Assume moderator agreed he failed to read the question and my answer properly), is there a way to request for another moderator's review or ...
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Are there any guidelines for answering with your own software?

Somebody asked a question which seems to be solved with a software I authored¹. Is there anything special I have to consider when posting an answer about this that goes beyond the general SE standards?...
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Can we afford deleting not good quality answers?

I really really love your passion but I think you didn't take everything into consideration. You are stating wonderful rules for achieving a really good quality answers and questions. But they ...
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What is required for a question to contain "enough information"?

This is the question edition of What is required for an answer to be high quality? One of the key problems that I see Software Recommendations having, is people asking extremely vague and simple ...
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Is it okay to ask for alternatives? [duplicate]

For the sake of making an example that's easy to understand: If I were a Java w/ Spring developer using Eclipse, would the following question be acceptable? What's an alternative to Eclipse for ...
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Design Ideas for this site. Again

My name is Paweł, I'm Senior Product Designer from StackOverflow and I'm going to work on your site's design and I need your help. Right now I'm in the "research stage" which basically means that I'...
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Should we link to the quality guideline from the how-to-ask section?

We have the What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? question. It is linked from the Tour. Honestly, I never read the tour, except scrolling to the end to get the [...
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Only one software recommandation per answer? [duplicate]

I answered a software rec question by providing not just one recommandation but several softwares meeting or approaching the OP's criteria, divided into different categories depending on the final ...
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Community Promotion Ad on WordPress Development SE? (2015)

In the comments to a Meta discussion on WordPress Development, Rarst (moderator) suggested that we could submit a Community Promotion Ad for Software Recommendations SE. Their current year’s post is ...
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"Put on hold because opinion-based" in SE Software Recommendations

A question I made just got put on hold because it's too "opinion-based". If I understand correctly what "SE Software Recommendations" is, it's a place where people recommend software, based on the ...
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Moderator deleted the only answer I would accept

A moderator deleted my answer here: Free software to track movies I'm watching My answer might not be the most comprehensive, but it works for all my needs. I might accept a better answer in the ...
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Update to our `/help/on-topic` page

As we discussed on chat, our /help/on-topic page might need at least a tiny update. I recommend the following addition right after the currently "blockquoted line": Especially, make sure your ...
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Quality guidelines for software identification questions/answers?

The top-voted¹ answer to the discussion Is software identification on-topic? says that (some) identification questions should be on-topic. Because of this, the question Wiki software being used by ...

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