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Are hosting recommendation requests on-topic?

I just saw this question: It's asking for a hosting recommendation. Are these on topic here?
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Is "tool X versus tool Y" an on-topic question?

Can I ask the pros and cons between 2 programs on SR? Example: I have used Open Office for the longest time for my free word processor. I am interested in trying LibreOffice. Why should I change? ...
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What is required for a question to contain "enough information"?

This is the question edition of What is required for an answer to be high quality? One of the key problems that I see Software Recommendations having, is people asking extremely vague and simple ...
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Are hardware recommendations on-topic?

This site was established as a software recommendations site. However, we do not have to define our scope based on historical happenstance in choosing a name. Given that our primary focus is on ...
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Can I ask for recommended websites?

I may want to ask for websites where I can find recommended music the way IMDB is a good site for Movie information. Or I want a website where I can read Firefox OS news, in a similar format to OMG! ...
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Why is this site better than the other options? How does it overcome existing problems? Why should it exist?

This is a wide-reaching question not just about Software Recommendations (SR herein) but also about the future of sites you would hope will feed into it (the sites like Stack Overflow, Super User, Ask ...
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Too-broad Close Reason in Software Recommendations [duplicate]

What is the rationale/criterion on this site for the Too-broad close reason? I think I have a pretty good handle on close reasons for existing SE sites, and the "too broad" close reason in particular....
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Recommendations and "Titles should avoid being subjective" [duplicate]

I'd like to better understand the meaning of two things that seems opposite to me. To recommend means to give an advice to someone. The etymology of advice is: advice (n.) late 13c., auys "opinion," ...
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Allow per-site close reasons that are not off-topic

About 2/3 of the questions that we close are due to a lack of clear requirements or purpose. Ideally, we would have a close reason that states something like Questions must describe the purpose for ...
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How should we deal with question asking for a "project-like"(full system) software

Question asking for a software with such specific elements and business rules, like the one asked by @Chris where he ask for tours booking portal. That is one Portal (as himself states), with ...
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