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How to handle dreamware requests? [duplicate]

I haven't been around Software Recommendations for very long, but I notice a lot of requests never getting answers, or being for software yet to be developed or envisioned, i.e. dreamware. How does ...
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Are "Is [Software] Legit?" Questions On Topic?

There is a new question asking if a site claiming to have a free download of Adobe CS6 is legitimate: Are such ...
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Are kernel side software recommendations on-topic?

From a user perspective a kernel-side software isn't as different as userland ones (on windows, you launch .sys instead of .exe). But it appears questions about finding a particular filesystem or ...
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What to do with the closed questions?

What should be done with closed posts? One of my questions on Software Recommendations SE was closed as off-topic. My question there is: I want to get rid of the nested structured, ...
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Was this question "opinion-based" solely because of the word "best"?

Recent question was closed for being opinion-based: Software for Floor Plan of School I'm not asking if best is always bad (Is it acceptable to use 'best' in a question?) I'm asking about ...
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Would it be viable to broaden the scope of Software Recommendations to also include reviews?

This site has received several questions that are in the format of "Is Software X a good option for my task?", or "What are the differences between tool X and tool Y?". These questions are normally ...
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Would this question be on-topic?

Note: I'm actively working with this user to improve this question. I really feel like there's an on-topic quality question hidden in here. What are we still missing? Or am I way off base and this ...
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How did we do in the Private Beta?

Now that the site has moved from Private Beta to Public Beta, are we going to be able to see any statistics as to how the site is performing? I know there are statistics at Area 51 but that doesn't ...
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Site software - is it covered?

Is 'Software Recommendations' the right place to ask for the most appropriate software when it comes to back-end scripts/software? For example asking for a CRM that had certain features, or the best ...
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We need the asking and answering advice pages back!

Allow me to start this discussion off by saying that though the requirements of this site are a bit relaxed, there are still some rules that posters need to follow. New users tend to post low-quality ...
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"Put on hold because opinion-based" in SE Software Recommendations

A question I made just got put on hold because it's too "opinion-based". If I understand correctly what "SE Software Recommendations" is, it's a place where people recommend software, based on the ...
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Reputation penalties if someone votes to close a question and it is reopened?

I feel that people often downvote or vote for close far too quickly. The quality is something really different in my humble opinion. If someone votes to close a question without giving a comment I ...
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What's up with all these “unclear what you are asking” close votes?

I've been seeing a number of questions closed (and had two in the review queue today, which I kept open, although I was only 100% behind one of them, the other still was not definitely unclear and ...
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How to ask and answer software recommendation questions - aka 'The Ground Rules'

This post should not be linked to as guidelines for post quality. It is from the Area 51 days and is not kept updated with policy changes. If you're asking a question, please refer to What is ...
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Allow per-site close reasons that are not off-topic

About 2/3 of the questions that we close are due to a lack of clear requirements or purpose. Ideally, we would have a close reason that states something like Questions must describe the purpose for ...
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