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Would it be viable to broaden the scope of Software Recommendations to also include reviews?

This site has received several questions that are in the format of "Is Software X a good option for my task?", or "What are the differences between tool X and tool Y?". These questions are normally ...
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Are "Is [Software] Legit?" Questions On Topic?

There is a new question asking if a site claiming to have a free download of Adobe CS6 is legitimate: Are such ...
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Quality guidelines for software identification questions/answers?

The top-voted¹ answer to the discussion Is software identification on-topic? says that (some) identification questions should be on-topic. Because of this, the question Wiki software being used by ...
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Allow per-site close reasons that are not off-topic

About 2/3 of the questions that we close are due to a lack of clear requirements or purpose. Ideally, we would have a close reason that states something like Questions must describe the purpose for ...
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Was this question "opinion-based" solely because of the word "best"?

Recent question was closed for being opinion-based: Software for Floor Plan of School I'm not asking if best is always bad (Is it acceptable to use 'best' in a question?) I'm asking about ...
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Is asking for software comparisons on-topic?

So I have seen this question which says no; however that question is asking "why/if I should change". My question is more regarding the differences of "free" vs "paid" ...
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Site software - is it covered?

Is 'Software Recommendations' the right place to ask for the most appropriate software when it comes to back-end scripts/software? For example asking for a CRM that had certain features, or the best ...
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