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Are mobile app recommendations on topic?

I want to find out if there exists an Android app to perform a specific function. Would this be off-topic here?
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Is my question bad or off topic?

This is my first question in Software Recommendation. I am surprised to see so many downvotes. Is the question really that bad? Please someone explain so I can delete my question after knowing the ...
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Request for new cycling tag

Gidday all - I'm a regular on and we occasionally get questions about software for riding, whether it be mapping or routing or statistics-gathering. And while they'...
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Community Promotion Ad on WordPress Development SE? (2015)

In the comments to a Meta discussion on WordPress Development, Rarst (moderator) suggested that we could submit a Community Promotion Ad for Software Recommendations SE. Their current year’s post is ...
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How is the best way to ask about comparison of Code Generator tools?

I've been suspend here twice, so now I would put the maximum effort in opening a really good question. And I would really appreciate for you advice and help. Please, be batient with me.. I've made ...
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"Put on hold because opinion-based" in SE Software Recommendations

A question I made just got put on hold because it's too "opinion-based". If I understand correctly what "SE Software Recommendations" is, it's a place where people recommend software, based on the ...
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We need the asking and answering advice pages back!

Allow me to start this discussion off by saying that though the requirements of this site are a bit relaxed, there are still some rules that posters need to follow. New users tend to post low-quality ...
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The closure of "Looking for First Person, Physics based, Puzzle games"

I'm not convinced that this question should have been closed: Looking for First Person, Physics based, Puzzle games From what I see, two reasons have been given from Caleb and Gilles: Too broad No ...
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Are kernel side software recommendations on-topic?

From a user perspective a kernel-side software isn't as different as userland ones (on windows, you launch .sys instead of .exe). But it appears questions about finding a particular filesystem or ...
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What are the pro and cons of allowing opinionable but useful questions?

Imagine I go on this Website and I ask for a mature implementation (also for a production environment) of an AOP framework which is usable in commercial projects for free and which allows me to ...
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Would this question be on-topic?

Note: I'm actively working with this user to improve this question. I really feel like there's an on-topic quality question hidden in here. What are we still missing? Or am I way off base and this ...
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Are questions on webmail recommandations acceptable?

See title? Can I ask a question about recommendations for, say, Gmail alternatives? Can I ask for recommended websites? seems to deal with a similar issue, but it doesn't specifically discuss ...
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Should we link to the quality guideline from the how-to-ask section?

We have the What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? question. It is linked from the Tour. Honestly, I never read the tour, except scrolling to the end to get the [...
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How did we do in the Private Beta?

Now that the site has moved from Private Beta to Public Beta, are we going to be able to see any statistics as to how the site is performing? I know there are statistics at Area 51 but that doesn't ...
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2 links on

On I found two links, one that links to
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