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What should our documentation contain?

This is one of those seven essential meta questions of every beta and I feel it's going to result in a lot of discussion. Unlike other Stack Exchange sites, much of our documentation is probably going ...
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Would a more rigid question template help achieve a consistent quality?

On other sites much more variation in the question structure is expected. For instance on stackoverflow some questions are very short code snippets, some are in depth debugging - the asker needs a lot ...
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Reputation penalties if someone votes to close a question and it is reopened?

I feel that people often downvote or vote for close far too quickly. The quality is something really different in my humble opinion. If someone votes to close a question without giving a comment I ...
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Are "no code" requests for tools in scope?

If someone asks for a no coding - ready to use tool recommendations, would it be acceptable? Assuming that enough details are provided in such question.
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Leaving an invalid answer "just in case it helps someone"

Situation: Asker asks a question Answerer writes a long and detailed answer Answerer realizes that their answer is not correct (for instance they misread a requirement, or the asker added a new ...
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How to handle dreamware requests? [duplicate]

I haven't been around Software Recommendations for very long, but I notice a lot of requests never getting answers, or being for software yet to be developed or envisioned, i.e. dreamware. How does ...
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Are "Name the program showed in this screenshot" questions on-topic? [duplicate]

E.g. On-topic or off-topic?
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Are "where can I find the source of this dead project"-questions on topic?

In particular, I'm looking for which should be available at but that website is down, and I can only find the executable online on ...
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What's up with all these “unclear what you are asking” close votes?

I've been seeing a number of questions closed (and had two in the review queue today, which I kept open, although I was only 100% behind one of them, the other still was not definitely unclear and ...
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Are "Can I use X for Y" questions on-topic?

I'm tempted to vote this question as off-topic but cannot find any criteria on meta about this. What do we do with questions of the form "I'm using X, can I do Y with it?"
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Too-broad Close Reason in Software Recommendations [duplicate]

What is the rationale/criterion on this site for the Too-broad close reason? I think I have a pretty good handle on close reasons for existing SE sites, and the "too broad" close reason in particular....
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My question was deleted because it asked how much I should pay for SEO

It's not spam to ask about a specific delivery. Some moderator was just bullshitting that I was guilty of "spam" just because I asked how much I should pay for SEO. Can't you speak of economics or ...
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Changed SO response to "recommendation questions" [closed]

I posted a request on Meta SO, that questions "closed as a software recommendation" have the closure complaint modified to suggest that SR be used as an alternative. I'm posting the link here, so ...
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What should our /about contain?

I've taken a first go at the customizable parts of the very first page users are supposed to read on the site — the tour page (formerly known as /about), based on the guidelines we've established so ...
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What to do with the closed questions?

What should be done with closed posts? One of my questions on Software Recommendations SE was closed as off-topic. My question there is: I want to get rid of the nested structured, ...
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