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You're doing it all wrong!

Before this proposal went into beta, Tim Post laid out some ground rules on Area 51. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. The problem, a lot of you guys aren't following ...
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An odd request: can we have another week in private beta?

If the Community Managers team (henceforth CM) so decides, we're scheduled to start public beta in two days (Tuesday). I'm not sure we're ready. On most new beta sites, announcements from the CM team ...
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What is required for an answer to be high quality?

This is the answer edition of What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? As a continuation of the above, the second key problem that I see Software Recommendations ...
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Is it okay to ask for alternatives? [duplicate]

For the sake of making an example that's easy to understand: If I were a Java w/ Spring developer using Eclipse, would the following question be acceptable? What's an alternative to Eclipse for ...
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How to ask for an alternative to some software

I have software X and I like it. However, I want an extra feature that X doesn't provide. Or I want to run X on a different platform. How can I ask for an alternative to X?
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Custom close reasons for software recommendations

Due to the unique nature of Software Recommendations in comparison to the rest of the Stack Exchange network, I feel some discussion needs to go into the creation of close reasons specific to this ...
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Are hardware recommendations on-topic?

This site was established as a software recommendations site. However, we do not have to define our scope based on historical happenstance in choosing a name. Given that our primary focus is on ...
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My instincts are all wrong

Anyone else finding that their instincts on what is a good question are wrong? Since questions that are off topic, on any other SE site are on topic here. Ie any software-rec. and questions that are ...
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Should we migrate questions from other SE sites?

I have seen some questions on other SE sites which are closed. For example this question (there are more of them): What's the best CDN for image hosting on a high-volume web site? This question has ...
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What's our stance on being a migration target?

Now that we're graduating, we're eligible to appear on other sites' migration lists, such as this one (from Stack Overflow): If we were on this list, it would mean that normal users with close ...
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What if we don't know exactly what we want?

The ground rules for softwarerecs give top billing to the idea of listing specific requirements in a question, and I totally get why that is. But what about those cases where a user may not actually ...
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Are "this is a bad idea" answers permitted?

Regarding this answer: I think you should reconsider the idea of several people live-editing a single code file. That may be great when teaching or pair-programming (ie, working on the same thing), ...
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Design Ideas for this site. Again

My name is Paweł, I'm Senior Product Designer from StackOverflow and I'm going to work on your site's design and I need your help. Right now I'm in the "research stage" which basically means that I'...
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Random inappropriate necro-deletion of decent, helpful, upvoted answer

I posted a quick answer to a question a while ago. I wasn't super detailed and it certainly wasn't a model answer, but I provided a service to the community by being the only one to recommend a ...
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Is it OK to ask for a software having a particular feature?

I saw some questions being put on hold as too broad because they ask for just a particular feature. How many features must the OP mention in the question? Is it OK to ask for a software having a ...
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